I understand that opening my eyes to the world and gaining a perspective on a particular situation, then  envisioning and capturing that vision can be a difficult task.  What our eyes see verse what a camera sees are two different things because our eyes are magnificent and have evolved over thousands of years. A camera is a good substitute, but there is a reason why when you take a picture it doesn’t always do it justice because it lacks the dynamic range, megapixels and angle of views that our eyes can capture.  With hours of practice I have learned how to help folks take that daunting task and help them create memories that most closely capture what our eyes see with my camera.



I go by Paul Photography to bring back the name of my grandpa’s once famous Chicago studio. Over the years I have perfected the techniques with the camera and the digital darkroom (where most of my time is spent) to create spectacular photos that play with light and emotions of any subject.  To allow clients, their family and their friends enjoy and live in the moment while I preserve them.


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